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Top 5 reasons your company needs productive, interactive simulations

  1. Your salespeople and customers need effective practice opportunities and realistic assessment with your products, not more brochures and videos
  2. Your salespeople are not selling because they are not operating or explaining the products sufficiently well
  3. You are losing sales/repeat business because customers don’t know how to take advantage of your product’s unique features, or how it is better than your competitors' products
  4. You feel you are wasting time and money on formal training programs that yield mediocre performance results
  5. People can’t really practice operating the equipment because you can’t send everyone the device and simulate real conditions.

Trying to create simulations yourself and having problems? Contact Equipment Simulations if

  • Creating your own simulations is expensive and taking a long time to produce
  • You have developers, but not the expertise, to do more productive simulations
  • You are afraid star software developers will leave and no one knows how to update the simulations you already have created
  • Or you just need a Flash guru to produce your own customized simulations.