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e-Learning Projects

Working with Amethyst Research (Equipment Simulations LLC) has given us a great advantage in developing our new interactive product materials due to their vast knowledge of simulation technology and of mechanical ventilation in particular. Their attention to detail and clear understanding of the message we want to express has resulted in interactive presentations that we are very pleased with... We are confident that a high return on investment with all future projects created with Amethyst is ensured.

Leon Beaulieu
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Newport Medical Instruments, Inc.

I wanted to write and say thank you for the great job you and your colleagues did...your ability to produce the CD, on time and on budget, was extraordinary, considering how little time and how much work needed to be completed.

Jim Gunnerson
Wantagh, Inc.

I am impressed with your pioneering efforts to connect the science/technology with the practice/user. Mechanical ventilation has progressed 50 years in the past 10. Education has progressed 5 years in the same period. The future for mechanical ventilators will depend on the ability to teach in their use in an integrated, multidimensional format.

Richard Mitchell, RRT

I am very impressed with this interactive demo.... I have been involved with medical space and equipment planning for over 20 years. I wish that all of the equipment that I review had this type of demo. It definitely helps when trying to explain to a non-equipment savvy person.

Constance E. Kinnick
Health Systems Specialist
Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs

RE: "Flash MX for Interactive Simulation"
Jonathan Kaye is the most knowledgeable source on Flash-based virtual products I know. Considering this segment's continued growth, all of us producers and consumers of e-learning are very lucky that he is willing to share so much in this invaluable book.

Clark Aldrich
Former Gartner e-Learning Analyst,
Online Learning Columnist, and SimuLearn Co-Founder

Contrary to what it's title may suggest so some, including me at the beginning, the book has lots more to offer than solely Simulation and related matters, which it does cover extensively. Although it might not be an easy reading for the beginner, Flash MX for Interactive Simulation is a valuable source for Object-oriented programming with ActionScript, Flash components, Usability testing and Project management, specially if those projects require complex interaction with the user....Flash MX for Interactive Simulation caters to the intermediate level Flash developer interested in Object-oriented programming and Flash Components; to the advance ActionScripter eager to learn how to apply his/her skills to Simulation projects and other projects where complex interactions are required; to the non-Flash developers with exposure to Object-oriented programming languages interested in what the Flash platform has to offer.

A must for any serious Flash developer.

Oscar Trelles
Flash Expert and Community Blogger

Jonathan Kaye and his collaborators know simulations and simulation building, and it shows in this book. A thoughtful, very deep look at machine simulation building and the state engines which power any good machine simulation, "Flash MX for Interactive Simulation" is not a light read. Anyone designing educational simulations in Flash MX must read this book. You may not run out and start desiging all of your simulations with his state engine (because it's complex and resource intensive to integrate into your production practice), but you'll be a much better simulation developer -- or ActionScript developer, for that matter -- for having read the book.

Brian Klaas
Reisterstown, MD

Our Simulation Development Workshops

I attended a customized two-day seminar with Equipment Simulations this past month which was filled with helpful material and information. Jonathan Kaye - president of Equipment Simulations - spent a great deal of time and energy putting together this customized, two-day seminar.

Some of the most helpful parts of the seminar were learning some of the more advanced aspects of Flash, creating project plans for technical, online computer-based training, and, with no doubt, receiving best customer care ever....Not only did I get all the hands-on training I was looking for, but also walked away with pages of valuable resources.

Ken Bambace
Web Training & Curriculum Developer
Bayer Diagnostics, Inc.